Papal Excuses (DCA)

OMG (well that’s hardly appropriate) guys, I JUST NOW got home from workout. #Papaltraffic, ya know? I’m not telling the truth, or the whole truth, pretty much telling nothing but the truth. But sometimes your day just gets away from you…

A part of our day that didn’t get away from us, though, is definitely worth celebrating. It might seem small to some people, but man, if those stairs had been closed (and the backup plan hadn’t worked out) and we didn’t get to work out, I would have been majorly, seriously bummed and completely unready to start my day. It rocks that the Pope’s visit didn’t take that away from us. It may have tested our ability to wake up in the fourth hour, work our way around metal detectors, and workout with fewer than 300 of our closest friends, but we got it done. Despite the DON’T YOU DARE LEAVE YOUR HOUSE @ POPE DC DOT GOV warnings, you came and conquered and you’re better for it. Small obstacles, small potatoes.

Oh traffic wasn’t that bad because everyone minus 500 or so humans decided to bunker down like the apopealypse was coming, but nothing can get between you and your workout so you didn’t even think twice about not going? Yeah nothing can get between you and your NP.

Let’s have a blast in DC, a party in Park City. Get back out there and earn your weekend this Friday.


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