Change is good: Welcome, Kelsey! (SEA)

Seattle has been heads down in an effort to build the greatest tribe ever assembled.  Lofty goals, we know that.  In the midst of growing the community and bettering ourselves athletically, countless individuals have stepped up and demonstrated their love and passion for the movement.  In a variety of a different ways, folks of all walks of life have presented themselves as leaders and they’ll continue to lead as only they can.

When you look around at each November Project city across North America, it’s obvious a tribe cannot be led by one person.  It’s a collective effort that synchronizes perfectly to create something that only those who have experienced it can fully grasp.  When the light is minimal in the morning and you see the smiling faces of the tribe (all the while sweat is dripping from their brows), you’ll get it.  It’s special.

Here in Seattle, our numbers have grown quickly and our sense of community seems to be following a similar pace.  In the midst of this hyper growth stage during the days of our #NP_Pledge, Kelsey Duckett began attending the workouts.  She was fierce, she was fit, and she gave a good fucking hug.  Always with a smile on her face, she’d make her way to the top of Kite Hill at 6:29am ready to kick ass.

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that Kelsey began to entertain the idea of taking on the position of Co-Leader for Seattle’s tribe.  It’s a tall order and a big commitment, but when it got down to brass tax, Kelsey knew she was prepared and more importantly, it was something that she wanted.  The girl loves fitness and is balls to the wall about building the community in Seattle.  She has a special kind of energy that draws people towards her and damn, can she motivate.  We’re certainly excited to bring Kelsey front and center.

On behalf of the entire tribe… Welcome, Kelsey.  The tribe is strong and the leadership just got stronger.  Now let’s get to work.


I’m off to Park City for #NPSUMMIT.  You bet your ass I’ll be representing Seattle as the greatest tribe in all the land.

HOMEWORK: Go on a run this weekend.  Wear your #GrassrootsGear and say “good morning” (or “good afternoon” or “good evening”) to each runner coming from the other direction.  Take an accurate count of how many people you say something to and how many reply back.  Let’s conduct a little market research.  Most importantly, represent the tribe and if anyone asks you about your shirt, tell them about Wednesdays and encourage them to #JustShowUp.

Have yourselves a great rest of the week and an awesome weekend.

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