Over The Hill (YEG)

I know I wasn’t the only one but HOT DAMN I did not layer properly this morning. I got too confident thinking that this morning’s temp “wasn’t as bad as last week so I’ll be fine.” A simple reminder that mother nature does not care for your confidence.

Speaking on nature: Did you see! Did you see! This morning was again filled with light!! That means the snow will melt, we get to run not on ice, we get to go back to Commonwealth………………..*looks at calendar*…………….

In case your water cooler talk hasn’t already been filled with the topic, this weekend (sunday morning) Daylight savings time is happening. Ok so its going to be dark again, still going to be cold, but there is one thing I will hold onto. With every spec of light gained from here on in, with every warm spell happening, we get closer and closer to spring – we are getting over the hill.

So as you are figuring out how to work the clock on your microwave this weekend just remember that its going to get better. Not that it matters to us because we are #weatherproof and can handle anything but I doubt anyone would say no to wearing shorts again soon.

And maybe ask yourself why this is still a thing:



Friday – Walterdale hill

Buffs for sale 5$ exact change please

Blood Drive (check out the social page on facebook for details – lots of us are going down on April 27)


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