November Project is a tricky animal. So many of the people hesitant to show up are worried that there’s too much running, or that they’ll be too slow. No matter how emphatically/loudly/obnoxiously we assure them that, actually, November Project REALLY IS for everyone, lots of people are still nervous to show up.

AND THEN, for many of the people that show up, there’s not enough running! Almost all of our workouts are designed to let everyone flex their running muscles, but also their agility, upper-body, core, and whatever muscles are helped by doing hoistees. We think that usually makes for a great full-body workout, but if you’re a runner, sometimes you want to just run.

So that’s what we did today. For the first, but not the last, time, NP Oakland hosted the Lake Merritt Time Trials. And it was fucking awesome.

We love our Lake. It’s a great location, plopped smack dab in the middle of the East Bay. It’s easy to run/drive/bike to. It’s gorgeous. There’s not that many hills, but that’s what #PRWednesday at Cleveland Cascade is for. And it is an INCREDIBLE place to run, with a tight, flat 5k course circumnavigating the water. Our workouts usually expose us to only a small portion of that path, but today we got to throw down on the whole thing.

Kudos to our Top Three Male finishers Elliot, Greg, and Teddy, and Our Top Three Female finishers Erin, Kara, and Meg. And big ups to Ruby for snagging the first MVA medal! (that stands for Most Valuable Accountabilibuddy. Duh.) Click here for the official finishing times.

Thank you SO MUCH to David for making the incredible medals. We’ll try not to ask you to make TOO MUCH cool stuff for us in the future.

And, of course, thank you to Benny, our newest Positivity Award winner, who makes 99% of our photos possible. Keep making us all look good, Benny. 


HAPPY HOUR TONIGHT. 6pm and onwards at Mad Oak. 
BUFFS. Plenty of you still need to pick up your buffs. To do show, keep showing up to the workouts and happy hours!!
OAKLAND MARATHON. Sunday, March 24 is the Oakland Marathon, and NP Oakland is once again teaming up with the incredible folks at East Bay Beer Runners for a cheer/water/dancing station. Details in the Facebook event.

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