Our Normal Wednesday.

Somewhere between the sound of the collective FUCK YEAH this morning at the base of 37, the OH SHIT‘s as people lined up to race a double frogger, the somewhat terrified look as the new kids tackled their very first section EVER at Harvard Stadium and the wet ass prints that we ALL left behind at section 25… I realized (again) how insanely unusual, rare and all around razor sharp this community is.   This might be stemming from missing all your beautiful melons the last few days, or just the fact that every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning I get hyped AF.  But really, this stuff right here, is decent.

After the workout I went back to find the original saga of Sir Frogman1.  The legendary workout where even after a month of it, still kicks us in our sweaty faces.  I mean we’ve been hyping this shit that was created 4 years ago.  But how badass is this Frogman1?! What’s his deal?!  Why the 1?! Has he ever actually done his own workout?!

I got as far as Frogman1: “A chill pace workout with greater volume”.  Written by the co-founder of this batshit crazy movement himself. (Read the old blog if you’re interested in the full history of Frogman1).

Really?!  Because we’ve been prepping to RACE this fucker in just TWO WEEKS.  We’ve been upping the ante and throwing more sections because some want those brown-nosing, brownie points.  We’ve made an intense workout even more insane. We have EVERYONE doing their own version of this wild, jelly-leg inducing workout.  This is just a reminder that the workouts we do are not normal.  They are not easy.


But we are get stronger.  We are growing.  What was once a ‘chill pace workout’ is now a puke fest; a doozey.  I don’t want to exaggerate here, but some of us probably won’t be able to go into work tomorrow.  It is because we are setting the bar higher and higher every workout, every week, every month – as a tribe.  We’re setting ridiculous expectations and you’re all asking for more.  This is not normal, but it’s becoming OUR NORMAL.

So remember when you see those animals doing 60 sections ahead of you — smile, be inspired and keep moving.  When you see those animals doing 19 sections behind you — smile, be inspired and keep moving.  We all have our individual abilities but what makes this tribe unique and unreal, is that we can ALL workout together.  We can use each other to get stronger and burst through expectations together.  This is our normal.


When I asked if you hit your goal this morning, what I realized what I cared more about was did you set a goal?  If you hit it, that’s great.  If you didn’t, well join the club of badass cats that set the bar high, it’s not an easy climb to get to where you want to be.  I feel like a proud Papa Bojan…aka Dad.  Whether you did 50 sections, 20 sections, 4 sections, 1,016 sections, reached your mark, or didn’t, gave out only 18 hugs when I said 35…Be proud of what you put into it this morning, what you did for yourself and keep setting the bar higher and higher.

Actually – scratch that – if you didn’t give out the full 35 hugs go do it now.  Like right now.  Stop reading and hug the people standing next to you on the T.  Don’t say a word besides “I’m glad you’re here” and then quickly come back to reading the rest of this blog.  We’ve got some important shit for you right here:

  • GEAR DROP: BOOM.  COOL, Right?! Our good friends at The North Face want each NP tribe to be able to wear sweet gear that represents their city.  At some point in the near-ish future we will drop Boston TNF t-shirts at a workout.  You won’t know when it’s coming, but if you’re at that workout, one of those t-shirts will be yours.
  • BUT FIRST, LET ME DESIGN A T-SHIRT: Makes sense.  Sure. The shirts would feel nice on the body, but we’re trying to impress the rest of BOSStown with our good looks and fashion.  We want to see your ideas for the amazing visual we’ll see on those TNF shirts!!  Submit your design here, and read more info about the contest. to create the image that we’ll all be sporting on our chests.  Final deadline to submit TODAY!  Yes, TODAY.  Get is in ASAP.
  • FRIDAY : We’re back at the hills.  If you’ve never been…Well it’s really the only way to start your Friday.  I think it makes everyone more productive at work.  Sorry I shouldn’t have dropped the W-word.  My B. Lets rinse that off.


Yup, that a feel better…and on that note.

The tribe is strong.



Much Love.  xxoo


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