Welcome (back) to the Jungle!

Some of you may remember. Many of you may not (and that’s OK). But “Welcome to the Jungle” was the title of our first blog post at Balboa Park. And the workout was reminiscent of just how brutal that first one was… I’ll just borrow an excerpt from the first post written by the one and only Lauren Padula:

BOOM. That, folks, is how it is done. Today we went to the jungles of Honduras (no passport needed) and threw down a mix of cross country trail and stair repeats. The sweat that poured from your bodies and the smiles on your faces told the whole story. November Project San Diego is stronger than ever. And in our new home of Balboa Park, nothing can stop us.

It’s been a cool year and 3.5 months since we moved to our new home, and we haven’t looked back.

In fact, we’ve been looking forward! With all the incredible work done at the Starlight, we’re investing back into the community and hoping to put down deeper roots with the rehab efforts in Balboa Park.


And with our THIRD BIRTHDAY right around the corner, we should recognize that this tribe IS stronger than ever. The energy gets better day by day. Newer faces show up and smile each and every workout.


So stay bright, San Diego. We continue to build, touch lives, and smile bigger every day.



MONDAY – Tourmaline Surfing Park at 6:29 AM. Park on the streets!

NPSD’S THIRD BIRTHDAY PARTY! Wednesday, September 7th, Balboa Park. RECRUIT ALL THE PEOPLE. It’s a potluck, so bring something to share. AND BRING WATER GUNS! We’ll continue to hype all over the social medias and at the workouts. But get excited!

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