Wheelie Wheelie fun Wednesday (PHL)

This morning had weather, but enough about how hot it’s been in Philly. This morning also had (more importantly) amazing people who showed up to the steps to get in a few hugs and sweat their faces off. It was a wheelie fun Wednesday, and not just because we did wheelbarrows.

The Workout: we ran the loop around the stairs, at the top you find a partner and leap frog (ribbit) across the top, at the bottom grab a different partner and wheelbarrow across the bottom switching partners halfway. The goal: see how many reps you can do. Put 35 mins on the clock and GO! At the end we did an all out burnout, but before you can sprint you have to do squats… how many squats, you ask? # of loops done during the workout = # of squats.

The burnout ended with an epic cheer tunnel for 7 year old Madison, who was visiting with her mom (Julie) from Worcester, MA. This was EPIC, YOU are AMAZING, keep spreading the love around Philly and see YOU Friday @Lemon Hill


PHILLY 10K is next weekend (8/28). We still need volunteers for our water stop. More info HERE.

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