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Good Morning and welcome to November Project.

No matter how many times the LieutenantGeneral says this, we never know what response we will get from the tribe. And that is why we love this shit so much.

In NP5280-ville, we’ve gotten into a great groove: we’ve got a few kickass workout locations around Denver, we’ve got a few variations on pulse-pounding workouts, and we roll with what has worked for us each week toward incremental improvements of health, fitness, & community.

While this may seem like a recipe for boredom, lame-osity, or stagnation to most is quite the opposite when push-up comes to hoistee. Even though we are doing similar workouts as we were a year ago, so much has changed.

November Project Denver Throwback  April 11 2014
November Project Denver Throwback April 11 2014


The picture above is from the Boston Strong workout from 4/11/2014. Your two cooky leaders are trying desperately to pump/psych/amp you up to run the same old mile-high stairs. Magic, right??

What made this week a little different from that one year ago, wasn’t the workout, nor the location, nor your leaders, but rather the Tribe itself. Each week there are newbies showing up and buying in to this Free Fitness frenzie. Each week there are traverballers from one of the 18 other tribes in North America who mix their flavor in with our flavor. Each week there are conversations during sprint recovery, new connections via Hoistees, and weekend planning for training & adventure getaways.

It is these humane interactions that make our workout, our day, & our lives less routine and more fantastic.

November Project Denver - Human Interaction
November Project Denver – Human Interaction

Now to throw a complete curveball at you, we are offering a FREE yoga class at Lululemon tomorrow! You must sign-up here, as space is limited. Doors open at 5:45A, class starts at 6A, breakfast follows at 7A. Wear your #GrassRootsGear.



Lt Flanniel

FRI 530/615A Highlands Hill Repeats at Hirshorn Park (3000 Tejon St)

November Project Denver
November Project Denver – 630A
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