A Perfect Send Off (SD)

Today was just awesome. Some days the energy is unreal, the excitement is uncontrollable, and the Macarena is on point.

From a sad yet hilarious rendition of everybody’s favorite 90’s dance craze, to an awesome sprint up a flight of stairs solely for the video footage, you guys killed it today.


I had the pleasure of photographing and high-fiving you all, which gave me the opportunity to see how hard you all really worked today. You should be proud. That wasn’t an easy workout and you crushed it. Even the very pleasant Convention Center stairs lady was impressed. And that lovely older couple on vacation from St. Louis thought you were amazing.

In the man’s words, you’re only young once. I’d say you’re doing it right. Especially you Craig (Vans) and that earned you the Positivity Award today.













One thing we didn’t talk about today is the fact that it is the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings. For anyone with a connection to the city, you remember how terrible that day was. But you also remember how beautifully the city and the running community came together in the days, weeks, and months afterwards. The vibe is strong, the tribe is strong, and the city is strong. It showed how important community is and how powerful it can be. Remember that your community goes beyond the walls of the Convention Center stairs. It goes beyond the state of California and even the United States. Your community is 19 cities strong in North America. These are your people.


Thank you all for the warm wishes as I head out to Boston to run next Monday. It’s an honor to run in Boston and you all will be propelling me along the way.

Be HAPPY, be STRONG, be BRIGHT San Diego!



– Please also wish JENNI DORR, ERIC MARENBURG, DAVID ROMERO, and GARRETT SHEEHAN good luck running Boston on Monday. I know they will make you all proud!

– Reminder: Your babysitters next week are the terrific trio of Jeff Boman, Sarah SMoers, and Jeff Gladstone. They are psyched and you should be too.

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One Reply to “A Perfect Send Off (SD)”

  1. Hi Lauren!

    My name is Daniel and I am a member of the NP Indy tribe.  I will be visiting San Diego for the first time this coming weekend and would love to join the SD tribe on Apr 27 for the Monday morning workout (and possibly get some SD grass roots gear to show off)!  I just wanted to give you a heads up and let you know I would be coming! Can’t wait!

    Daniel Leedy

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