On Wednesdays We Wear Neon

So a little mental math for all you faithful followers. If we had 23 people workout when it was -40* and the temperature today at 6 AM was 12*, which by all measures is at least 13 times as awesome – how many people showed up to November Project Winnipeg this morning?

The answer of course is 61. If you got 176, it’s because you forgot to carry the 1 on the long division – common mistake.

Dan Derek Rick Neon Bridge Sprint


61 smiling, bright and happy faces woke up this morning and joined us down at The Forks on what was an incredible morning. The grass was dry – so we rolled in it, the paths were clear – so we sprinted over them, the river walk wasn’t flooded – so we jumped all over the ledges. Hibernation is officially over in the Great White North, t-shirts and shorts are the norm and our group is going to get big, I mean really big.

Derek PA
The positivity award went to a young man this week who has quietly swept in an embodied everything that November Project is all about. He races, he wins, we wears the #grassrootsgear, he recruits and he even has started organizing pop-up workouts for us. Derek Page is fast as hell, he is welcoming, he is an ambassador of all that is good about November Project Winnipeg. Derek we are proud to call you our friend! Congratulations.

One quick story to illustrate why we keep putting on these workouts every week.

I showed up this morning at 6:02 and hopped out of the car to find Bill, a regular, and one other woman, a newbie. Naturally I greeted them both with enormous hugs. She was new to our group and new to working out and boy, was she ever nervous. I explained that she could go at her own pace and we would make sure she had a fun time. Throughout the workout we made sure to help modify some exercises but more importantly she found a friend in a young woman who was in her exact shoes just last week. They pushed each other, they laughed, they shared in each other’s successes and failures and when 7:10 rolled around, both women were smiling ear to ear, exhausted, ready to walk off to work and excited for next week. When our group makes a sub 3-hour marathoner sweat, I think . . . fuck ya, good workout. When our group makes a person who is new to fitness feel welcome and motivated, I think . . . this is all worth it.

Group Field Wheel Barrow

One final note if you’ve made it this far – we are pumped to announce that throughout the summer we will be doing a few Friday “Pop-Up” work outs at different locations around the city, mostly so that we can start using the #WeekendEarned hashtag on all of our collective social media’s, and also to take advantage of the beautiful Winnipeg summer weather.  These do not take the place of Wednesday workouts – those will still be out every Wednesday morning at The Forks – and these Pop-Ups will not be every Friday, but we will be sure to announce two weeks ahead of time when we are going to do them. Our first one is coming up next week – Friday April 24th – and will be held at the Winnipeg Canoe and Kayak Club at 80 Churchill Drive.  Derek Page (today’s  positivity award winner and all around wonderful dude) has stepped up big time and hooked up the whole tribe with a morning of Dragon Boat racing as our Friday workout, all for the low standard November Project attendance fee of absolutely nothing.  I mean hugs – you must give Derek and the Dragon Boat leaders lots of hugs. Regular time – 6:10 am – and we should be of the water by around 7:00.  Super pumped to get paddle #superfast with all of you.  If you have any more ideas for sweet Friday Pop-Up locations get at us with your suggestions!!

This morning was wonderful – and you are wonderful.  Fuck Ya!

Tom and Rick

Box Jump Silouette

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