Your mission, should you choose to accept it….is to take this workout to the next level, give 100% and ‘SAVE THE SOLDIER’. Get through as many missions as you can in 40 minutes, and don’t forget to hug your partner!

Today, some alarm clocks got hit by the alarm monsters, and apparently we are short on repair men once again, didn’t matter though. We were on a secret mission, to conquer, devour, and spit out burpees, hills, and some other nutty, yet sane body movements.

We may, just may have had our last burger off, the dancing occurred, and there was no question who won this one, you’d have to be there to know.

Today, we not only crushed a Wednesday workout, gave out a positivity award, and hugged a stranger, who quickly became our new friend. We also had one fierce chick, shed a couple tears. 2 years ago today, something tragic happened in an amazing city. 2 years ago, this city came together stronger than ever before. 2 years ago, Boston Strong happened. 2 years ago, one of our leaders…aka Tammarathon, ran this marathon. Today, we remember. Today, we showed our strength. We are Boston Strong, we are November Project.

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