Love is Stronger

November Project is building a worldwide community by empowering humans of all fitness levels through fierce, free weekly workouts.

We are building a community that is welcoming, positive, and sees in every single one of us the good we contain.  It sees the potential we possess.  It draws out of us the athletes, the fighters, the leaders, and the champions we are inside. This community also builds us up as positive forces in the world, fueled by smiles, hugs, genuine “Good Morning”s, and the willingness to get closer to people in this great big world, rather than step away, in order to continue building a stronger, deeper, wider community, both at NP workouts and everywhere else we go.

Today is the anniversary of the 2013 Boston Marathon. I do not intend to dwell on the negativity of the bombing that happened that day because I personally believe that puts more of our life force into the hurt and negativity that happened, than into the good that exists.  But I name it as a significant opportunity to choose to focus on the incredible strength of the NP community and the impact it can have on the world.  Read it again, “November Project is building a worldwide community.” There is so much strength in coming together.  It’s the reason that people united so fiercely after the bombing, uniting Boston, this country, even the world.  “We are Boston Strong.” In the wake of disruption, anger, and overwhelming fear, we desired to feel strong again.

I feel fortunate to work (in my day job) for a company that is mission-driven and that makes T-shirts.  This company is local to Boston and at the time of the bombing had an office on Boylston St overlooking the finish line.  The response was to make a T-shirt that reads “Nothing is stronger than LOVE.”  In a time when we wanted nothing more than to feel strong again, to feel bigger than the hurt of bombs, and to overcome the shadow of destruction and disruption, this simple message gave us something we could actually DO.  We can LOVE. It’s exactly what drew together the NP community two days later at Harvard Stadium, the same place we gathered this morning for our our fierce, free fitness…together.

When we are together, we feel stronger.  When we are together, we heal.  And it’s important to remember that when we are isolated, we do not get better.  When we are together, we become more than just ourselves.  But we don’t just stand here physically together, we create a loving, positive community that keeps the world from feeling bigger than we can handle.  That is the power of this movement, which holds us accountable to our #verbals, and just holds us when we need it.  When we focus on love we can begin to overcome the fear that shit in the world creates.  Nothing is stronger than love.

Today may be your very first at November Project or your one millionth, but to everyone who is a member of this incredible tribe, I ask you today, and maybe every day from now on too, to focus on love, not on fear.  Pay attention to the good, the possibility, and the positive intentions of others and of ourselves.  We cannot prevent difficult things from happening, but if we focus on moving forward, getting stronger, and spreading the NP vibe we all know so well, we will be able to find some light amidst the dark clouds.  We will ONLY continue to build this worldwide community of humans of all fitness levels if we love more than we fear.

I love this community.  Every single one of you.

The Tribe is Strong.

Boston Strong.

November Project Strong.

Love Strong.

530 group photo

Good Luck to all the Boston Marathon runners out there.  Rep your #GrassrootsGear hard! And thank you to the #PaintCrew today for tagging so much sweet gear.

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