#OptOutside – LAX

Let’s talk about this little thing REI is doing called #OptOutside. Instead of having all of their employees trudge into their store at 3 in the morning to deal with ravenous consumerism, they decided to flip this Black Friday on its head. Every REI in the nation is closed today, and their employees are getting payed to get the hell outside.



This is the kind of shit that the world needs. And the best way we could honor my new favorite hashtag was to get onto the top of Runyon Canyon and run the living shit out of some trails. The pudding was strong with all of you today, and you continue to earn this long weekend of yours. NOW STOP READING THIS AND GET OUTSIDE.




Next weekend is the North Face Endurance Challenge CA which means this Wednesday is going to be a giant sweat party. Invite your friends and family, you don’t want to miss this one.

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