NPSF: Thankful for 70° weather 95% of the year!

Here in SF, we get a lot of shit from the rest of the #Iron26 about our abnormally boring weather. All those Californian Tribes have it easy. Weatherspoof. Like they all have that San Diego sunshine all year round. Well, fuck you guys! We do have our seasons here in San Francisco. We start with the longest season: mild “maybe I should bring a jacket” season. Then, there’s Dolores Park “who’s got the suntan lotion?” sunshine season. Then, there’s the “Hey, Karl the Fog came in from the Sunset” season. But today, we experienced the depths of our winter. It hit a blisteringly Baltic cold of 40° at times on the trails this morning. But given that we’re badass as fuck. We donned our Lulelemon. We got in our Priuses. We made sure our iPhone S6 had full juice (gotta get that #Instagram post up mid-workout). And we headed north to the Marin Headlands, safe in the knowledge that after 30 minutes of crushing trails, we’d at least have the solace of a Philz Pumpkin Latte and gluten-free $7 slice of toast and avocado when we get back to the city. Except for Ali Fauci, Dean and the rest of the Karnazes family. They all ran to the workout, crushed hill reps, and then ran home likely over Mount Tam and Mount Diablo en route back.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 11.21.49 AM

Yeah NP Winnipeg! Look who’s weatherproof now?


Group-hugs: keeping San Franciscans warm since 11-27-2015




Who said Paddy couldn’t take a photo looking into the sun!?!

Brace yourselves for the madness of the week ahead…

Gil and Ali’s Donut Monday, Fort Mason…

Wednesday, traverballers start landing in town for a 5:30 and 6:30 Alta Plaza workout…

Friday, the #iron26 converge to the edge of the world for the NPSF’s Friday Hills workout…

Saturday, The North Face ECSCA Takeover, featuring the November Project. Come race and support the Tribe as we race everything from Dean’s 1K kid’s run to the total domination of the Marathon Relay to the Goretex 50 miler (GULP!). Don’t miss out…

Sunday, we rest. Or not. Rumour has it Kenny Wong is having a Breakfast Club-sponsored pool party!

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