Operator? Put Me Through to the Badasses (LAX)

What happens when you pile a bunch of unknown numbers into a bag and have a giant keypad workout in a parking lot. The Phone Number workout. The phone number workout is LA’s claim to fame, probably the only creative thing they’ve ever done at November Project. Many have tried it across the nation and said that members upon members met one another for coffee, organized dates to go see a movie and the unfortunately the odd unwanted dick pic was received. Guess who?… Dicks aside it’s always great to see the wild shit the tribe gets themselves into. It is probably easier to get a number at some bar in LA where you can buy a girl a drink, ask a girl for a dance, grind on her and then receive her digits on a napkin with a lipstick stain. Actually, that’s probably unrealistic in this city. Hence why we helped a brother and sister out by getting you a number.


When Angelo and I crafted this quirky workout in the early NP days we were stoked to share it with all you crazy energetic people. This time around I’ll say the challenges got harder and more ridiculous. I.e. squat jump till a car honks at you on Highland Blvd or plank till you’re able to convince someone to piggyback you to your next number. Interaction is key. Some of you may have gotten too much interaction if you had number 5 having to smack Angelo’s butt. I’ll say that shit is firm.

SO the key is now to put your hard work to use. Take you number and interact with that person. Get creative. Get weird. Have fun. And most of all make a new friend.


Do good LA,

Ornamental Wallet

aka OW



HomeWork– Interact with your new digits. Selfies, videos, prank calls are encouraged. Dick pics are not.

FRIDAY– Incase you’re behind on the times we will be meeting at the Culver City Stairs AKA Baldwin Hills Stairs at 6:30am (new time). Meet at the top of the stairs. We repeat MEET AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS

Tracker– If you have yet to do so go on follow this link and sign up for the tracking workout to get a hint at what the days workout will be and to verbal for you favorite mornings. https://tracking.november-project.com/auth.html



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