Valor Fog (DC)

A night after 800,000 went to the mall for a free concert, we took one billion people to the Lincoln Memorial for free fitness.

As always thank you to the Veterans that allow us to do what we do. One day of thanks doesn’t quite cut it.

Today we welcome first timers across both 5:30 & 6:30. The message is clear: keep showing up, make new friends, build this community, and accidentally get cut in the process.

Another great example of NP being for everyone: today we had 5x Rock Roll Marathon winner, 3x world champ 50 km, Mike Wardian racing to Abe and back down. Whether you’re one of the fastest men on the planet, or recently graduated from couch potato status, there’s someone else at your pace at NP. #JustShowUp

FRIDAY: John Carroll Statue of Georgetown University, 6:27 am.

Love always,

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