Glowstick Relay 3.0 (IND)

Today a solid #Weatherproof gang of yahoos showed up to start Hump Day off right. A temperature of thirty-some degrees isn’t that cold, especially when you bounce in a group hug and race your tails off.  Runners went #UpandOver while their teammates did a deck of cards awaiting the Glowstick baton at the exchange zone. A good time was had by all.

A year ago this week, I started pledging our NP Indy tribe. It started with one person. The winter was a very challenging time to grow a tribe, but a handful of people showed up (probably so that I would quit harassing them), people recruited people and these people kept showing up. Today the #PositivityAward went to one of our very first tribe members, arguably the first dude depending on who you ask, Jason. Thank you Jason and thanks to each and every one of you who show up. NP is a pretty awesome way to start the day, and Courtney and I are happy to share it with you.


Let the leadership know if you want a Limited Edition NP Buff. Bring moola ($10) next week. And thank NP Canada for organizing the logistics.

Our first annual #NPFriendsgiving is in the mix (gobble, gobble, yo!). Check out the thread in the private IndyNP group on the Book of Faces or old school telephone someone for updates and details.

See you next week! Wednesday Indiana War Memorial 6:15 AM North Stairs


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