One Step At A Time (YEG)

The smoke this morning was definitely not ideal conditions for working out but I was so happy to see people listening to their body as they needed. The balance between working out and slowing down/resting is a hard one. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, simply taking concerted effort towards understanding the necessity of both working out and resting will absolutely make a difference. It looks like the smoke is going to be clearing up this week so take the time and enjoy the few days of fall that we have left. The leaves are falling fast! Also Happy birthday Dylan!! I feel so old in saying this but I remember you when you were so small, before you were even born, and now boom you are 3!! What the heck! Can’t wait to celebrate your next birthday #NPKid

Changing topics – We are sure that you saw the change to the government’s public health actions as of yesterday. Lazina and I have been communicating together and consulting outwards around these changes. At this time we see that the sport, fitness, and performance activities for outdoor gatherings have not changed as of yesterday. That being said, November Project Canada will continue to adhere to our adapted workout styles in order to keep our community safe. The changes we saw yesterday demonstrate the seriousness of the situation that our province continues to be in. While we will continue to monitor any new changes we ask that you help us in keeping the community safe as well. That means continuing to respect the comfort levels of other participants, by maintaining your distance, and choosing not to show up if you are feeling sick/showing COVID-like symptoms. I know this all is a heavy topic, and we may have to adapt our workouts even further in the future, so truly accept our gratitude, from the bottom of our hearts, for helping us keep NP a place of Community and #Freefitness. Know that the decisions are always carefully weighed and made with you in mind. Below is a video that Lazina put up on our social page that hits on a few more points. As always if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us directly or at This topic is important, adapting, and we can only move through this together.

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  • Friday at 6am – see you at the bottom of Walterdale Hill.
  • If you’re new to NP Canada or haven’t done so as yet, please sign the global waiver– here
  • If you’re coming to a workoutsign in here BEFORE you show up. In the event we need to contact you, we know who was at each workout. And seems pretty important now that this new variant is trending upwards.
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