Clearing the Fog (Ottawa)

Good afternoon, readers! Reader? We’ll take a leap and assume there’s more than one of you out there.

By this time of day, you may be coming down from the Wednesday morning high. The sound of this morning’s alarm and the sight of the beautiful sunrise may seem like distant, foggy memories. Although to be fair, everything was pretty foggy this morning.

For our international readers who didn’t catch the weather in Ottawa this morning, it was of course a beautiful morning – because Wednesdays always are – and it was also a very foggy one. We tried to catch the fog in some morning photos, but… you might say… we mist.

We definitely didn’t miss out on any part of the amazing sunrise, though. I mean, look at this thing. Incredible way to start the day.

As we tackled the stairs this morning, the fog began to lift. Science may explain this with terms like ”dew point” and ”water vapour”. And a quick Google search looking for ”fun fog facts” might simply tell you that ”the heat of the sun makes the fog evaporate” (which may be a fact but doesn’t seem all that fun). But then again, Google doesn’t have all the answers. Our research in the field this morning suggests that there were other factors at play in making that fog dissipate. The warm smiles and words of encouragement? The EIGHT new friendly faces that joined this morning’s workout? Maybe even the burning of competition from a relay sprint burnout at 7am?? We rest our case. And our legs. Both deserve resting.

That’s all for today. May your week be uplifting and fog-lifting. As always, thank you for spending a part of it with us. We hope to see you again next week… if not sooner! Hint: Monday morning hike in Gatineau Park anyone?!

Rebecca & Becca


  1. Thanksgiving Day Hike this Monday Oct 11th! The planning is in progress – check out the NP YOW Social Facebook page for more info and to add your two cents:
  2. Meet at GATE 1 again next week for more stairs. Bring your friends. Or your enemies. A good activity for both!
  3. Pet a dog.
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