On the 5th day of Hanukkah (LAX)

Today we had three fabulous guest leaders and boy did they rock it out of Barnsdall Art Park.  Together Rachel, Rachel, and Matt led a Hanukkah themed workout and with dreidels galore and laps around the local park, it was quite the way to start the day.  I’ll let Rachel Goldstein share her thoughts on the morning but as always we’re so happy you decided to show up and run around with us and maybe even try something new.  

You guys, today was epic so thank you!  Babysitting the tribe is always a really special experience.  You allow us the opportunity to experiment with different workouts and we love that you whole heartedly embrace our crazy ideas…even if they include an 8 minute plank burnout (thanks Matt).  There is something so energizing about watching you guys build squat boxes or learn the joys of step-up squat jumps.

Seeing all of you bust your booties makes us want to work that much harder.  November Project is all about that team work and it’s true that your energy is infectious. Your high five makes us push harder up that next hill and if  you don’t drop your plank, I won’t drop mine either.  Every week we come together to push ourselves but we also come to be inspired and in turn inspire each other.  You guys inspire me every single week and that’s what makes babysitting the tribe so much fun.

We are accountable to each other every time we show-up. November Project taught me the term “accountabilabuddy” where you have your friends – old and new – who keep you accountable.  (By the way, I use this term so frequently that my phone actually recognizes it as a real word!)  And this morning reminded me  how important that term is. We don’t #justshowup. We show up for ourselves, and our tribe mates, and our training partners. We show up for our friends and families outside of the NP universe as well. We show up because we hold ourselves accountable and we hold each other accountable. You guys are all my accountabilabuddies…you push me to be my best every single day.

This community is so special precisely because we support and inspire one another. And we are so lucky to have each other.  In the immortal words of Abraham Lincoln (by way of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure): “Be excellent to each other…and party on dudes.”

I have to say that everything Rachel said rings true to my own feelings about the tribe!  Keep doing an awesome job out there, have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you back at Griffith Observatory on Wednesday 5:27am and/or 6:27am.

Fun Fact: There are 16 ways to spell Hanukkah.  Since Hanukkah is transliterated from Hebrew letters, there are many different ways to spell the name of the holiday – the most common in English are “Hanukkah” or “Chanukah.

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