A Layering Refresher (YEG)

Today was the coldest day we’ve had so far this winter. As the mercury drops, I quickly start to remember how the properly dress for the conditions. I know what I wear in -30 or lower. But the science of what to wear in between there, is what I forget until I don’t wear enough or wear too much one day. And although, it said it was -20 something this morning (I actually don’t remember what it said), it is never as cold as you think it will be.

Since we’re talking winter gear, let’s do a quick refresher on how to best dress for success. 

There are three key layers: Base layer, mid layer and outer layer. 

Base layer: The key to a good base layer is to have a material that will wick sweat away. Cotton does not wick sweat away, so you’ll want to avoid it. Merino or tech tees are your best bet here. Usually, this is a thin layer. If you sweat and you’re not wicking away the moisture on your skin, your body temperature will drop quickly. Don’t let that happen. 

Mid layer: This is your warmth layer. I have my thicker fleecier layers here. This is where I make my changes based on how cold it is. I’ll wear a thin mid layer, or a thicker mid layer, or even a double mid layer. 

Outer layer: This is the last piece you’ll put on. This is the layer that will protect you from the wind or the snow or water. Ideally, you a windproof, and/or waterproof layer that is breathable. 

Every layer you have (as long as it’s not tight) will create air pockets which will trap heat as you work out. This will keep you warm. This is good.

Also, you can get most of this stuff without emptying the bank. You can get this stuff in all sorts of price ranges. Come talk to us if you need help with your layering or if you aren’t sure where to look. 

For those who have asked about the survey, we are reviewing all of the results and figuring out the next steps. We’ll follow up with something sometime next month.

Monday we’ll be at Churchill Square.

Find the Good,

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