Olé, olé, olé, olé! (ORL)

The tribe showed up with goals this morning! We got things kicked off with a little soccer hand ball; 3 teams got into circles and held a squat while trying to score in between someone’s legs. Yeah, I know, I set myself right up for that one.

Everyone seemed to have a ball with this warm up, but we had bigger and badder exercises to juggle. We went man-to-man with hoistEes and pushups, and side shuffled our way into some squats and bicycle kick crunches. Jumping jacks kept our heart rates high, and we decided to throw-in some Bulgarian split squats for extra fun!

That circuit was run until regulation time ran out, and a celebratory tunnel led into stoppage time.

The kicker today was bound to feel like some sort of well deserved penalty. Forget Ronaldo, Roxanne never disappoints. I mean, who doesn’t love a burpee burnout, really? 👇🏼

Thanks tribe, for showing up and kicking grass.



  • June HW- your age in crunches (or some variation) every day!
  • PR day next wk (come early if you want a tag for the Watermelon 5k)
  • July 4th workout will be held on Park Ave. in Winter Park, Just before the Watermelon 5K race. Register 3 or more people with code friendsandfamily for 15% off. Prices increase this Sunday. (option to cheer/volunteer)
  • Highly anticipated yearbook photos (aka your next profile pic) drop next Thurs!
  • Check our ‘secret social page’ on fb for more tribe info!
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