Ole! Ole! Ole! [MTL]

Wisconsin notes:

  • Quite a hot one today. Heat wave takes over Montréal but nothing could stop us from #justshowingup.
  • World Cup themed workout today – Thanks Laurent!!!
  • Save the date: August 12th 2018

Damn…was it ever hot and humid today. I can’t believe how the temperature in Montréal could fluctuate from -40C degrees in the dead of winter to +40C and sunny in July. As we discussed this morning, we might complain now that it is too hot….but just remember how cold it was last December/January when our fingers and toes almost broke off. I’ll take the heat any day over the finger-freezing frigid temps we get in winter….and I think most of us would too. GO HUMIDITY!!!

The heat did not stop us from having a blast this morning with the World Cup themed workout. Laurent was my co-lead this week and damn did he ever do an amazing job coming up with a workout that not only put running and stadium steps on the bill but also made us do the wave in compromising positions. Unfortunately, we did not get a chance to name the winners of the world cup challenge at the end of the workout but according to our post-workout panels, we all came out as champions! 🙂

SAVE THE DATE: You heard it here first, on August 12th 2018 at 10AM, we will hold the very first edition of the Golden Square Mile Race #goldensquaremile18 – presented by November Project Montréal in partnership with The North Face. This FREE unsanctioned race will start at the North Face Store on Ste-Catherine Street and race the famous Golden Square Mile of Montréal, Qc, Canada. Registration is FREE and going live in a few days. So keep an eye out on social media. Expect an epic time: run, fun and plenty of prizes from the North Face.

That’s it for this week. Thanks again for the wonderful time we get to share together on Wednesday mornings and see ya next week!

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