This Shit Is So Good You Wake Up Early on a Holiday (SF)

Happy Fourth of July SF! While normal people might think “I get a day off of work, I guess I should sleep in and chill”, you crazy humans show up at Alta Plaza Park at 6:30am (or 5:30am – we see you Vivek and Henry!) to take on the day and absolutely crush a difficult workout. That’s what I love about you, especially since Zip and Tony are off biking across the continent and I was worried I’d end up there alone.

Because I’m left to my own devices this week, I decided to step up my photo game. You might of seen me running around with a fancy camera. Did I look like I knew what I was doing? That’s good, but I didn’t. Those of you who I made stop mid star jump and do it again multiple times (i.e. Perry) so I could get the perfect shot probably already know that. TIL that having a fancy camera doesn’t actually make you a good photographer – working on it!

I tried to make the workout form a flag if you used Strava. Alice just sent me hers, and my assessment is that it looks like more of a fork but I think I’m ok with that for today too. So in that spirit, eat up that BBQ, drink that beer, listen to the fireworks that you inevitably won’t be able to see through the fog. And then I’ll see you all Friday at Moraga Steps, meet at the top at Grandview Park at 6:27am See you then!

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