It’s the Ten Duel Commandments

It’s rare that the 4th of July falls on a Wednesday and we were pretty excited that our first year as November Project Oakland was one of those rare Wednesdays. So this morning we celebrated our independence and Founding Fathers the best way we know how, by hugging, sweating, and smiling.

First, Alex showed us all what he’s been training for since he was six; reciting the most motivational speech of all time from the cinematic masterpiece, Independence Day. Then we celebrated the year 1776 with planks, hoistees, pushups and star jumps. Finally, we truly honored our (perhaps a little bit insane) Founding Fathers with an old fashion DUEL …of rocks, papers, scissors.

We also had our first tagging session as NP_OAK, with our hella dope oaktree tag, designed by our birthday girl Amanda. Can’t wait to see you rocking that fresh tag all over Town.

This morning was fun and patriotic and all about community. We had newbies, and doggos, and three-generations of NP_OAK (because Ruby is a recruiting machine who not only brings her friends and coworkers, but also her daughter and granddaughter!) Thanks for bringing the laughs and smiles today, tribe.



Happy hour next Wednesday! (Because our usual first-of-the-month happy hour schedule got a little thrown by some holiday today) Location TBD but save the date for a drink with your friends of NP_OAK.

-RBO: An amazing local organization, Running for a Better Oakland is hosting a fun run on August 4, followed by an East Bay Beer Runners after-party. Check out the details on Facebook and register for the run here to support RBO. Spots for the fun run are limited so register soon!

SUMMIT: Register soon for the North Face Endurance Challenge Series at Kettle Moraine State Park in Wisconsin. You can run 50 miles, 50 kilometers, a marathon, or team up with a few other folks to run a marathon relay. Here’s a Google doc to start coordinating relay and race interests, travel, and other stuff.

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