Independence, Together

The American Revolution 242 years ago was messy as fuck, and the stories about what actually happened are often quite a stretch from the truth, to say the least. Nevertheless, on July 4th, we get to get together with friends, family, sunshine, and hot coals to celebrate our Independence. Sure it was initially independence from the British Monarchy, but every year since then, we’re afforded a day off work to express gratitude for the opportunities we have in this nation state for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We may be in the midst of the most trying time our democracy has undergone in many of our lifetimes, but when people get together to fight for independence in whatever form that may take, it fuels an optimism and belief that good just has to triumph over evil (right?).                                                                                                                               

You all showed up this morning to NPSD to move your body because you can, and by adding energy to the collective group, we were all elevated to a more powerful version of our independent selves while simultaneously feeling unified as one strong AF, loving community. A Zig Zag Loop may make your legs feel like they “just can’t” at times. Burpees may make your body feel like it couldn’t possibly do one more. Holding a plank for a minute may test your internal dialogue more than your physical strength, but revolutions are never comfortable. It is when we break from the status quo- in our workouts, in our friendships, and whatever else we do in our lives- that meaningful change has the opportunity to blossom, and it is through our independence together that we have the power to keep pushing to become better. Let’s just not do it by tyrannizing Native Americans and excluding everyone who isn’t a rich, old, cis, hetero, white man.


Sunday, 7/8- NP Soccer Pick-Up, International Potluck, Food Drive @ 3-7pm @    (2525 Bacon Street, SD, CA 92107)

Monday, 7/9- NPSD @ The Cabrillo Canyon Bridge @ 6:29am
BRING ONE WHITE(ISH) SHIRT to tag for Pride!

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