Old ’96er (YEG)

Well 3 of our tribe’s toughest completed the Old ’96er…gristle and all!! A HUGE congratulations to Andrew, Judy and Cathleen who finished in under 50 minutes!!! The Commonwealth Stadium Old ’96er is a complete tour of the lower bowl followed by the upper bowl…I think they’ll be feeling the shakes all day!

Also, a gigantic congrats to all tribe members (the tried-and-true & the newbies) who completed a tour of the lower bowl and began to tackled the steep upper bowl stairs. Awesome morning guys! Don’t worry you’ll get your turn to take another bite out of that Old ’96er again!


This morning’s positivity award winner goes to Cathleen who killed it today and does so each and every NP morning…even on the days when those pesky IT-bands won’t permit her to run. We can count on her to still shows up and deck-it-out or tag gear. Congrats again Cathleen!


The original Old ’96er…I think ours is just a tough to complete!!

Looking forward to seeing you all again very soon…how about Friday?! Let’s say Emily Murphy Hill…5:58 AM!

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