Red, Wet, and Blue (SD)

Sometimes here at NPSD, we get excited: holidays, outfits, 5 Wednesdays in one month.

We know that November Project has a reputation for lacking creativity, being zero fun, and frankly being boring. So we wanted to change that today.

Enter a red, white, and blue themed workout sprinkled (see what I did there?) with water.
Many variations of freeze tag were played.
A relay race was run.
And a completely improvised circuit of exercises/hot potato with water bombs/squirt gun enforced threesomes (push-ups and hoisties, geez) was completed with your team.
Happy birthday was wished to America (and Eric).
And in true NP fashion, we finished with a very wet finisher’s tunnel.

Oh, and this, this happened too:


Thank you tribe for the shower, it made me feel like the winning coach out there!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go shake some more water out of my ears.

Be happy, be strong, be RED WHITE AND BLUE San Diego!

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