NPSF want cookie… well let them eat cake!

San Francisco is famous for a couple of things… killer hills, stunning views (though Karl gets in the way sometimes), great sports teams and exceptional bakeries. Here at NPSF, you get all these rolled into one neat little package. This morning, we were rather worried when one of the newer members of the tribe announced her name was “Cookie”, with everybody glancing to our resident cookie monster, Jorge, hoping he’d kept his composure. He hadn’t… it took three sturdy men to hold him back. But not to worry, crisis averted when Kylie B broke out a cake for America’s birthday (Marie Antoinette said we could, right JMB?). Jorge and the tribe proceeded to gorge themselves to their stomach’s content. But hey, we had just crushed stairs for 30 minutes so we’d #earnedourbreakfast (this is Twitter right? Is that a hashtag or a pound sign? That always confused me as isn’t this a pound “£”?).

Jorge waving310px-CookieMonsterWaving

Well anyway this week, the tribe paired off and continued with a calf-burning workout, with one half two stepping up the steps (and no one fell… phew), whilst the other half crushed through burpees, jump squats, leg raises and an arm-raise/press-up combo! We weren’t sure if it was Sunish O or the Million Dollar Man out there… he was literally about to take off on those jumps squats and god knows when he was going to come back down ( For anyone too young for this reference, you’re missing out!!! We even managed to watch that in Ireland… though it might have shown about two decades late. Think Laura should be seeing the second series of the Knightrider live in Dublin right about now. The opening season of MacGyver starts next week!!

Million dollar man



Here’s the meeting point location ( Come in your best and brightest red, white and blue for America’s birthday!!!!

And we’ll leave you with one inspiring quote from our man, the Cookie Monster:

“Sometimes me think, what is friend? And then me say, friend is someone to share the last cookie with.” – Cookie Monster.


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