oh Can of Duh! (LAX)

You may be questioning the title. take it and run with it! OH Canada!

We started out today discovering where some of our friends are from. Grouping up into our respective states we found new connections we never knew were there. Pair up and we’ve got couples retreat on our hands. Every single one of you crushed it!  Couple Retreat is not an easy workout and we can really say that you grabbed it by it’s balls and curb stomped it on to the hollywood bowl stairs.

I was talking to a tribe member recently opening up about how with my knee injury I’ve found I have been pretty hard on myself as of lately. Not getting to workout as much, specially running trails literally kills me. There’s a lack of fulfillment at the moment which NP definitely makes up on my Wednesday and Fridays. Besides that depressing thought what came up in the conversation was the idea of how far we’ve come. In this moment we can be hard on ourselves because we strive to be better, fitter and happier people, but you have to take a step back from you. What is making you at the moment? You’ll find that if you looked back even to the beginning of the month that you were a different person. Look at the progress that you have made, look at what amazing things you have done to make it this far. And if you’e saying well there was a time when I was “this” or “that”, at your so called “peak”, through that out the window because you’ve experienced that and you can strive to go beyond that. You’ll never experience that exact state as you once had because you know have a build up of all these other beautiful factors that build you up to that.

You are capable, you are worth it and you are constantly showing progress!




Friday- Entrance to Griffith Park at the Bear statue at Loz Feliz Blvd and Fern Dell!


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