C Eh N Eh D Eh (YEG)

Y’all good? O CANADA! 
Since we weren’t getting wet enough with the rain, we decided to run through the fountain instead. To be honest, I thought we’d only have a handful that took advantage of that option, but turns out, almost everyone did. It is another reminder that people just want to have more recess. 

What a great start to a very important day for our country. It is our birthday! BOOM! 

Thanks to the paint crew today. 

Thanks to all of the Ferences minus Jen and Andrew. 

Thanks to the tanks that protected us.

Thanks to the newbies for playing along. 

Thanks to everyone who didn’t pick up their tagged and untagged gear. I now have a wet grey women’s lulu shirt and a pink half zip. I’ll have them Friday.

Thanks to everyone who brought newbies. You are the heroes of spreading free fitness. 

And thanks to everyone who showed up with all that positivity and energy. You are what makes November Project what it is.
See you Friday at Emily Murphy. 6am. 

Find the Good,


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