Oh Canada – Oh-oh-oh Canada (YWG)

In the immortal words of Classified:

“From the greatest of lakes to the greenest of greens
To the rockiest mountains and everything in between”

You came, you saw, you conquered Canada Day in style, Winnipeg.  There is no better way to celebrate our country than getting up at ass o’clock to meet 90 of your sweatiest friends for a good morning ass kicking!

Canada day lunge

And what a location to celebrate; as we learned in our pre-bounce non-factual history lesson, our workout location sits right at the majestic confluence of the Assiniboine and Red Rivers – truly the gateway to the west of Canada and a center point in which settlers and first nations alike travelled through to access the rest of Canada.  We learned that one of the founding fathers of November Project Winnipeg – Louis Riel – first started doing burpees on Wednesday mornings out on the front lawn of Fort Garry more than 125 years ago, and Winnipeg has not missed a Wednesday morning since.  It was glorious to continue that tradition with all of you today and continue on the legacy that so many Canadians have enjoyed!

Gail PA

It was a fateful Friday morning 1 short month ago when the tribe was introduced to Gail as she went on her morning run through Assiniboine Park. She stopped her run, crushed a #superfast sunrise 6K, and hasn’t missed a workout since.  She rocks grassroots gear like a boss (but for some reason she likes the shirts tagged inside out??? Weird… Just kidding – womans clothing is confusing!), recruits like a professional headhunter, and wears the biggest smile even through the toughest of workouts.  Thanks for being you Gail, and keep up the great work!

Tom makes his triumphant return from across the pond next week.  Anyone have any sweet ideas about how we can prank him? Guy thinks he can just leave us for 3 weeks with no repercussions?  Hell no!

Much love,

Rick & Dan

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