Many of you have asked questions around the “how” of November Project.  How is this movement able to exist?  Able to sustain?  Able to grow?  Most of the answers to “how” come back to you.  Members of each tribe.  You show up, you work out, you recruit, and you come back week after week.  You are the reason the movement exists.

On a larger scale, the November Project is comprised of a collective effort of 29 cities around the world to create a global movement.  Unfortunately, #WorldTakeover comes at a price and it wouldn’t be possible without the help of our friends at The North Face.  Whether it’s BG and Bojan’s flights around the world, gear for your Co-Leaders, or an entire weekend better known at #NPSUMMIT, The North Face makes it all happen.

The North Face knows November Project wouldn’t be quite what it is if it consisted of BG and Bojan flying around the world to visit 2 or 3 Co-Leaders in each city with no tribe at the workouts.  As a token of their appreciation, they will be providing every member of every tribe a #FREE piece of gear unique to each city.  That’s right, custom shirts for every city which will go to every member.  Boom.  Free shit is the best. Plus it will have a dope design on the inside, see above.  That is going in all 800,000 shirts that are being created.  Being told that number may be a bit more than we thought.  Maybe we are just going to get Frank’s shirt.



Starting now and going until WEDNESDAY August 17 at 11:59pm PST, DESIGNS CAN BE SUBMITTED to The North Face Portal CLICK HERE.  Submissions will only be accepted via the portal. 

General Guidelines:

  • Designs to be accepted in JPEG/JPG or PDF format only
  • Winning design to be screen-printed in single-tone black ink
  • Area/Location of the screen-print design: centered on back of the tee
  • Area-width: up to 8 inches wide x 8 inches tall
  • Your parents will vote on the winning design

And yes, if you think this is almost the exact same info and rules as our sister city Seattle, then you are smarter than us.  We just like to give more time because we are nicer.

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