NP_SMF Is the Best Recovery Method Out There!

Don’t get us wrong, we are happy as clams to see our tribe show up. Let’s just say everyone was a little bruised and battered from the previous marathon weekend in San Francisco. Those of us who didn’t run, were just exhausted from all of their social media posts!

Although two of our fearless co-leaders ran the marathon, they showed up and (attempted) to kill the workout! Chris continues to be questionable, but his lack of actual squat jumps is remedied with his shit talking and laughter inducing randomness.

It was all-most an all boys club today. A workout of jump squats, burpees, jumping lunges, push-ups, and a 200m sprint was the group ate for breakfast. Co-leader Stephanie had some stomach issues, so she diligently kept time and the group on track. Even at the expense of the group’s harassment of her bowel issues! We also handed out the PA this week to our deserving tribe dude, David. David makes the weekly trek from the ‘burbs, always there with a smile, good attitude, and work ethic like a true NP-er!

The group was sweaty, shit talky, and sore from their marathon weekend…but they SHOWED UP! That’s all that really matters. Every Wednesday at 6:25AM at the west steps of the capitol is where you can find us!

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