Hold Up, Pause, Rewind.

November Project District of Columbia,

It has been a while. Guess what I just ate for breakfast? Get it? I was fielding some questions of what’s going on with me, where I’ve been, and how my vacation was. So I’ll answer these as we jog through these past few months, together.
Life. It happens. It occurs in fast motion on PR day, slow motion on a first date (fun fact, Addie and I ate at Whole Foods on date 1. You could have guessed, eh?), and knocks you upside the head once in awhile. I was, for a while, in fast motion. Blazing from NP to starting a company, to training for Tokyo 2020. Go, go, and go faster.

Then I got hit with some real life. It happens.

I don’t have cancer, aids, crones, or a life threatening disease. I have a little tiny tumor pressing against my pituitary gland causing my muscles to be weak, my fatigue to be strong, and running, swimming, biking, my life, to be halted. Pause.

Now rewind.

Somewhere in between, fucking hills. When did these get so hard,  to, am I going to faint after yelling “y’all good?” to missing a Wednesday to sleep, I knew something was not right. After cycling from md to phd to emergency room, all leaving me drifting, it came time for me to press pause entirely and head to my home state of Oregon to get answers.

Watching November Project from 2,500 miles away was tough, but also inspiring. I got to see that what we have created here is bigger than me, Steve, but that it IS the District of Columbia, and nothing is slowing us down. I got to see CAN-OF-CHUZI absolutely pour their heart into making an awesome week for DC. I got to see hundreds of new people react to their first November Project in with utter smiles. BOOM, pop pop pop pop pop. You all made that happen, and I thank the entire tribe for that.

Pressing pause has made me a better person to date. First off, health is a fucking awesome thing. Each of us wake up at the crack of dawn to run steps, smile, and build community.  Why? Because being healthy and happy is intrinsic to each of us in a certain way. It let’s us be who we want to be and live how we want to live.

Second, community is fucking awesome. Having videos, calls, texts, pour in from the Tribe kept me positive when I didn’t know what the hell was wrong with me. I love hearing stories of people setting PRs at marathons or 5 ks, but what I love most, is when people tell me that the Tribe supported them when they were at their lowest. And that’s what you all did for me. And I thank the entire Tribe, Boston to L.A. to NYC, to SF, for that. Thank you.

Now fast forward.

I’m having surgery to remove that puppy later in the month. It’d be easy to say I am going to come back more determined to go to Tokyo, run NYC 26.2, and go, go, go. I do want all of those things. And I am fucking going to give it my all to make those happen. But, each day, I am going to wake up smiling that I get to come to NP, that I get to run, and that I get to smile at life. And that is what is most important.

Things don’t go the way you plan them. Instead of being in Colorado Springs at USA Olympic headquarter last week, I was knees deep in a 48 jello binge and having a colonoscopy, life, it happens. I smiled today, I’ll smile tomorrow, and I’ll be happy knowing that I have my health, my friends, and a beautiful mother fucking community to fall back on.


Love is always,


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  1. DM,
    That is hard to hear but good to know. Take care and heal yourself. Life goes on and so do we. You have given a great gift to many folks, and their support, even in the ether, the dawning day, the sweat, is sent back to you w/ love, gratitude, and respect. Be well. Jeremy from Mpls.

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