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-Couples retreat with a little inspiration from Karim Gym. It wasn’t me. Peace, Fuckers! I had an inclining this came from the Tall Man in the south who’s name rythms with squeeqee.

-Orrin’s leaving because this country doesn’t want him anymore. ‘Merica.

-New leaders. Ben Otto and Tara Wall are joining good ‘ole Steve in the madness.

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-They are just badass if not more than Steve and Orrin so look out, they’re super pumped to get this shit to be more amazing.


Friday- BARSNDALL ART PARK– Meet at the grassy knoll at the top of the park.

TNFECS-CA- For all those racing in SF this weekend. We’ll see you there. Let’s race hard, wear our #grassrootsgear and get nasty.

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