The Tribe is… RelayMan?

Wisconsin notes: RelayMan is awesome. The tribe is a lot of things. RelayMan brings those things out in a big way. We out. Cahoon is a legend. Pay for your buffs.

Relay Man. It’s not easy, but it’s what NP is all about. What the hell is #RelayMan, you ask??

Lemme explain… Two dudes or dudettes (or a dude and a dudette, or a dog and a dude, or–you get the idea) form a team. One (we’ll call them runner 1) starts at section 37, the other (Runner 2, seems obvious I know, but what the hell) at section 31. Runner 1 takes off up and down sections until they reach Section 31, where they scream “COMIN IN HOT!” or something equally stupid and awesome. At that point Runner 2 gets set to go. As soon as Runner 1 touches the wall of Section 31 Runner 2 is off down the small steps, and this process continues all the way to 1 and back always swapping on the 1s and 6s.


What I realized today is that RelayMan embodies November Project in the best way possible. It has all the core elements that make this movement amazing.

  1. It’s equal parts cheering the hell out of your partner, and working your ass off. #thetribeisencouraging
  2. You f*ckin cruise. Seriously. The record today was broken by Capozzi and Eric K. doing two full tours in 37:52. Yes. TWO FULL TOURS. #thetribeisfast
  3. You’re held accountable. If you start sandbaggin’ your partner is gonna know immediately and either call you out, or pump you up. There’s no hiding when the group is watching. #thetribeisencouraging
  4. People push themselves. No one wants to lose a race… especially when you’re up against two other fast tribe members. The shit talking starts, often not between the two people racing, but the two waiting for their partners to get there. “Oh damn! Laura’s gaining on Matt. Looks like your head start is about to disappear!” #thetribetalksshit
  5. People meet strangers. Oh? Relay man today? Wanna be partners? Boom. New friends. Maya, meet Cara. Cara, Maya. It’s good to push outside your usual group of friends. Meet that new face that you’ve seen a couple times but don’t reeeeallly know too well/at all/can’t even remember their name. #thetribeisfriendly

IMG_1972All in all, you guys all f*cking crushed it. I watched Matt and Laura race up section 21 today like their lives depended on it. But he pushed her and she pushed him. It’s the NP way. It’s the way we’ve always done it. Stairs of cement. Stairs of Harvard. Stairs where we meet friends and race our asses off.

This is RelayMan.

This is November Project.


Capozzi and I are off to San Fran (yes, I know people out there don’t call it that, but I do–so deal) for the week. Be back Monday morning at 5:40am in order to get to the deck on time. Keep EmSauce in line while we’re gone, and keep pushing each other and kicking ass.

Big props to Cahoon the straightfacester extraordinaire on finally getting what was long overdue. We’re SO glad you’re here.

Also, please pay for your buffs NOW! Link here.

Much Love,

  • Chris
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