The Thunder Dome- BAL

12-2 up one Remember Mad Max? Yeah, the third one with Tina Turner? It’s the one where Mad Max takes on Master Blaster in a cage fight to the death but ends up showing mercy and being sent out into the desert on a mule as punishment? You remember that right?

Well today’s workout was nothing like that but we named it after “Beyond Thunderdome” anyway. Why? Because sometimes the mystery is way better than the answer.

Congrats to our dude John Heuisler on winning the Positivity Award at 5:30 am. Rarely does the Positivity Award make its way down to the somber ranks of the barely awake 5:30 crew, but we were psyched to hand it out this week. John is a positive force, bringing up the vibe whenever us co-leaders drop the ball. If you don’t know him, change that. The tribe couldn’t be more stoked to have him in our ranks. Read up on him here.

Jon positivity

Remember, this Saturday, 7pm Rash Field: Second Annual City Glow. This event is going to be through the roof. We’ve been working hard to make this happen with even more pizzazz than last year. We’d love it if you could join us, bring a friend, bring your family, bring that girl you had a crush on freshman year of high school but was way too cool for you to talk to. City Glow is a time for second chances. Plus there are really kickass prizes…like, actually.

Here is the event. 


As always

Take Big Bites out of Life,



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