#NP_Continues (Worcester)

We are in some weird times right now, aren’t we? Remember last week we were mad because we couldn’t go to the stadium, now we can’t go anywhere LOL. But…the beauty of November Project (here in Worcester, and every single other city) is that we thrive on being weird and we thrive on spontaneity. This is our time to shine, just like those napkins that you’ve been hoarding in your glove box!

Tomorrow, and every Wednesday until we are allowed to meet together in person again, we will have a Virtual workout on ZOOM. These workouts will start at 6am. Download the app if you haven’t already (free, of course!). Here is the link where you can meet us. https://us04web.zoom.us/s/795006839 (this will also be posted to our page later with the workout in the event you want to do it on your own)

This is a great time for a few things:

  1. To join us if you have been too nervous to show up. You can join virtually and bail out if you hate it (spoiler alert, you won’t)
  2. Curious what other cities are like? This will be the only time you can traverbal to ANY city you want without transportation expenses. I encourage you take advantage of this opportunity (you don’t have to miss Woo, other cities have Monday and/or Friday workouts to Join, too!)
  3. BRING YOUR CAT to the workout. I love the doggos of Woo, but lets get some cats up in here!!!

It is important always, but now more than ever to exercise being KIND. It’s a challenge when we are in times that are out of our control, and ALL of us feel safer and more comfortable with control. Tempers are shorter, Moods are all over, Irritability is high – Take deep breaths, and practice not saying anything if it isn’t necessary. Stay off social media if it’s contributing to your anxiety. Get more fresh air. There is so much beauty outside . Drink lots of water, get extra sleep, and don’t be afraid to stay “off the grid”. We all need to take of ourselves and each other. Check in on your friends, and keep supporting any small businesses you can. These are the places that make the Woo such a great place to be.

If Jim or I can be of help to anyone, don’t be afraid to reach out.


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