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I found NP through a friend I made at an internship in Los Angeles. I was grabbing a coffee for an executive one day when my friend Charlie turned to me and said “hey—by the way, there’s something I think you might be interested in.”

It took Charlie 8 months to convince me to come out. I already had my thing, I was going to the gym. I didn’t need NP. And I certainly didn’t want to wake up at 5:30am to go run with a bunch of fitness types who were probably way faster than me.

But he persisted, and eventually I caved. Looking back on it now, I didn’t come to NP because I thought I was unfit. I came because I was in film school surrounded by some of the most cutthroat, competitive, and backstabbing people I’d ever met. And I needed a new community.

The cancellation of in-person workouts reminds me of the reason why I am part of NP. More than helping people stay fit, we are breaking down barriers by creating communities in the places that need them most: large, cold urban centres. I think we all know that if you want to be really fit—run a marathon, finish an ironman—NP is only going to be a small part of that. Instead, my mission as a leader has been to make the NP community a bigger part of your life.

Unfortunately, social distancing undercuts these efforts. With no socials or other events planned, I urge you to join us to stay fit and stay connected. There will likely be new people joining us for the first time as well. Please make them feel as welcome as if it were their first workout in person with us.

I have compiled a list of global online workouts which you can find here. If you want to try something different, we encourage you to check out other cities. However, we have a killer workout planned that you can do entirely in your house (not the NP global workout).

How it will work tomorrow: 

—At 6:15, we will open the zoom line: You will not be muted and we encourage you to socialize before we start. 

—When we are ready to start, I will mute everyone and start the “bounce,” which will be a squat pulse to be nice to downstairs neighbours. I will unmute the group during the bounce so that you can hear each other. 

—We will do the warm up together. We will then break you out into small rooms which will allow you to interact with and encourage one another during the main set workout.

—We will all do the burner together as a big group.

—We will also be on Instagram Live if you have issues with Zoom.

**Please be aware that everyone can hear you. As much as possible please keep pets and other distractions at bay.

**Download zoom now to avoid issues!


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