COVID-19 and Face Hugs

Have I ever mentioned one of the very beautiful things about November Project is our connection with each other? We do not just have a bond built on working out together. We have a bond forged in the human connection. 

What is a hug? 

An act of holding someone tightly in one’s arms, typically to express affection.

We like to hug. But…
What does a hug really mean?

It means you are not alone. It means you are cared about. It means you are worthy of someone’s time.

Oh. Oh yeah. There’s our forging. You’re not alone. You are loved. You are worthy.
But some people are not huggers. That’s ok. You don’t need to be. Because we can face hug people too.

Well, ok, that probably sounds bad…

What the hell is a face hug if it isn’t smoochy smoochy time? Or that creepy thing from Aliens???

It’s three things;
It’s eye contact. 
It’s a smile. 
It’s a live action voice saying “I missed you”, “I’m glad you’re here” “It’s good to see you again” or any number of other things.

We can face hug like none other!

Enter COVID-19

November Project has suspended indefinitely our usual workouts, socials and any other gatherings in a attempt to do our part in stopping this virus. It’s going to be hard not being able to hug my people for a few weeks.  Those people remind me that I am someone to them, I matter, I am important, and I hope they know how much they mean to me. To each other. What we have created here is the antithesis to feeling alone. You can be antisocial, you can be quiet, you can be a wallflower, but you don’t have to be alone at the same time. You can be any of those things with us. 
Come as you are. We accept you. 

The broader picture. 

A pandemic situation is sweeping the globe. We, as a society, are taking steps to minimize the furthering impact of this novel virus on our population. Though while we take steps to protect ourselves here, we must also take steps to protect our loved ones, our neighbors, our communities and beyond.

Over the next few months, we as a society are going to be put to the test. Because it’s not just a few weeks off of work. It’s not just a few weeks off of school. It’s not just getting cabin fever and needing a night out. 

The families that are already hurting will hurt harder due to loss of income, and likely coupled with the increased costs of childcare. 
Hard choices will have to be made. 
Unfortunate choices will have to be made. 
And that is just during the shut down. 
Some of the socioeconomical impacts on many families will likely last months if not years.

We have a higher calling to our community to do better. We do not get better separately.

We need another hug. A community hug? A world hug? How about Hug Them All?

Some of us are more fortunate than others. Businesses are staring food drives. People are starting food drives. People are offering to buy groceries for the sick, elderly or afraid. Public schools are opening to serve free breakfasts and lunches.
We can do that too.

What else can we do? What can we really help with? 
We can be aware.

If you see someone who is struggling, in a dire way, offer help. No. Make eye contact. Make them feel seen. It is hard to do, because we don’t like to see it, but if you offer help, and can’t make eye contact, what are you really saying to that person?
I’m obligated to help you, but I don’t want to. That’s not hug.

You don’t have to try to relate, but be gracious. Don’t brag, but me mindful. Don’t take for granted what we have, because we are truly not that far apart. Acknowledging you know what you have means you understand what they may not have.

If you can’t share much with someone in money, food or clothing, you know what you can share?

Your time.

A hug. 

A face hug. 

Because if you are struggling, in a bad way, or anything, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to talk to and feel like you matter?

Hug them all! 

Do good, Earth. 


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