Going with the flow. (Worcester)

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Previously, we’ve both mentioned on socials, email, and in person that on 4/1 we will make our big return to the stadium. Please note that as of today, March 11, 2020 Holy Cross has closed down their campus for the remainder of the semester as a safety precaution of COVID-19. Included in the campus closing are all gatherings and events on campus, which of course means November Project Worcester.

Some of you may be disappointed in this news. Don’t be. This is temporary and for everyone’s protection. Here is what we ask. Please know Holy Cross is making a decision based on what will be best for the community/public as a whole. The sooner we all do our part to get this virus under control, the sooner things will level out.

Right now, I admittedly cannot stand going on social media. Am I scared? No, I’m not. I’m a lot of feelings but I am not scared. Mostly, I am overwhelmed. There is so much information all over the internet and I can’t decipher reality from rumors anymore. It’s the perfect storm of long scientific articles, memes, and angry people. People are arguing and getting testy, everything is so uncertain. BUT, we are all in this together.

Overreacting about people who are overreacting is just another form of overreacting.

Until we are cleared to return to the stadium, we will continue to meet at the common. We have plans to venture to spots within a quarter mile from the common to utilize sets of steps in our workouts to get our bodies conditioned for the stadium when the time comes. We have been carefully planning our workouts around caution of the spread of germs and have removed pre workout hugs and high fives. For the time being we have also removed any partner workouts. We also hope you do your part, and if you have a fever or don’t feel well, stay home and rest up.

Let’s all continue to do what we do best, and that is show up. Reminder, November Project Woo is NOT defined by the stadium, or any other location. We are on every single week , and we are glad you’re here. Let’s KEEP IT GOING.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, by all means reach out to us on facebook, instagram, or email us at novemberprojectwoo@gmail.com. We are happy to answer any questions.

Whewwww, this was far too serious for me, Go wash your hands.

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