NP was founded on…

NP was founded on hard workouts.

Today we set the clock for 40 minutes and said “GO.”  This is the kind of workout that can either crush you because you aren’t prepared to motivate from within, or you crush the shit out of it because you find a way to dig deep and focus on working hard for the full 40 minutes.  None of this, “just gotta get to 37 sections” shit…where you know you can get to that distance and then stop…you have to see what you’re made of on a day like today.

NP was founded on just showing up.

The tribe showed up large today.  AND we had a solid Newbie crew. We’re really happy everyone showed up.  And as a tribe, it’s our vibe, our culture, and our responsibility to embrace them.  Meet them.  Welcome them.  Make sure they know where breakfast is after, or how to join the NP Boston FB social page, or where/when to show up for Friday and Monday.  Remember what it was like when you were new and someone–anyone remembered that you came last week.  That means they saw you the first time and then recognized you the second time.  So keep showing up, and keep looking up to see your tribe.  We’re here, and let’s keep making it fun, exciting, and motivating to show the fuck up.

NP was founded on grassroots recruiting.

Talk to strangers?  Make new friends?  Encourage people to try things they’ve never done before, aren’t sure they’re going to be any good at, are nervous about being fit enough or whatever else to “be one of the tribe…” YES.  All of this.  Most people make excuses about showing up because they don’t know enough about NP to really, really, truly understand that it IS for them.  No matter how fit or fast or “runners” or morning people or whatever they think they are or are not, we want everyone to just show up.  Because who doesn’t need community and fitness, for free?!

NP was founded on racing.

#RaceEverything comes from the idea that when we challenge ourselves to race (ourselves & other people), we find new gears.  We discover new potential.  We actually get better at the stuff we’re doing.  It’s worth sometimes toe-ing the line next to the fast(er) fuckers and seeing what you’ve got.  It’s worth it to take a risk and just race with the desire to do your best, because other people really don’t give a shit whether you win or not, but the respect the hell out of you for getting in the pack and working hard.  We all get better when we race.

NP was founded on accountability.

It’s just a fact that it’s easier to do hard things (like getting up early, running, and everything else) with other people, rather than alone.  We talk about giving a #verbal, not because we want to shame you for breaking the verbal, but because your word stands for something, and if you tell me you’re going to show up, you’re more likely to actually show up.  This NP community is about moving all of us forward, not about making us feel bad.  And we use accountability to help each other and ourselves make those awesome steps forward in our fitness.

So what?

Well, let’s see if we’re living what NP is founded on.

Hard work: See this morning.  Check.

Just Show Up: Newbies showed up and so did we–let’s all make a commitment to connect with them each week.  Decide to learn one new person’s name next time you show up, just because it could totally confirm that their choice to show up was a good one.  We’re on it.

Recruiting: When was the last time you invited someone to show up, picked them up on your way, promised to meet them to run together to the workout, or reminded them that you want to see them on a Monday or a Friday (as well as on Wednesday)?  Or the last time you reached out to someone you haven’t seen in a long time to invite them to show up.  We recruit because we want more human beings to get moving, stay moving, and to have more fun while they do it.  Share the love.  Get after it.

#DestiMAYtionDeck is not over–you still get bonus points for bringing Newbies or Freshies to Mondays.  Newbies are new people.  Freshies are people who go to NP but haven’t been to a Monday ever or in a loooooong time. Next Monday is at the Allston Public Library Park.  Google map found right up in HERE.

Racing: CPayne called out a challenge to the tribe this morning–get signed up for a race this summer.  Because of everything explained above…so do it.  And a great place to start is with the #TNFECS (The North Face Endurance Challenge Series) race at Mt. Wachusett on June 9-10.  REGISTER HERE!!!  NP racers get 20% off reg fee with the code: NP20

Accountability: Find a friend and make a plan to show up to NP together.  Especially if you haven’t seen them in a while.  After seeing actual hundreds of people show up after “being gone” for a while, I can promise you that it always feels good when someone reaches out to them.  Find someone you miss, and become an #accountabilibuddy.  That word means exactly what it sounds like.

This tribe is really strong, and we get stronger when we stay connected to the good shit this whole movement was founded on.

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