Finding the Good

There has been lots of discussion about the stadium. Four weeks into our new home and we’re starting to get to know this beast. It’s the best but it’s the worst. It feels so awful, yet so satisfying. It gives you that feeling later in the afternoon when you stand up after a long time sitting and you quickly recall how many stairs you ran this morning, how many floors you ran UP. If you have not yet felt these things, you can probably push yourself a little harder next time. But it’s finding the sweet spot. What about the people whose calves were tight for 6 days post stairs? Or who felt fatigued from the Wednesday before? You don’t know while you’re doing it how much you will hurt. You were tired and your lungs hurt and you used your hand to push yourself off your leg like it’s the only way to take the next step. That first time at the stairs is a killer, and same with the next one. And to be honest, they all hurt. It’s so hard, no matter what your athlete background, your 5km time, your Boston Marathon time, your age, your gender. It’s always hard. The toughest part is finding that sweet spot where you feel you are pushing as hard as you can, but you can keep one step in front of the other. But know that it’s hard for everyone, but that’s why having someone next to you huffing and puffing keeps you moving.

One thing I’ve heard about the stairs is like starting to run. A tough run might mean you start with 500m, then walk, then another 500m, or maybe 1 km, or 2km and slowly build up. You quickly notice how much better those distances feel, how your body adjusts to the breathing, to the movements, to finding a rhythm. But you’ve started with something where you’ve had success, something you know you can do again. You didn’t start with 20km, and then not walk for a week. You’ve started running to be sustainable. The compound effect would suggest that someone is better off beginning small and remaining consistent, that someone who runs 20 km on their first day and then has to take the next two weeks off to recover. You don’t always know what this is like on the stairs, so Wednesdays are to figure that out.

Notice that there is no pace or number of stairs that you need to run. There is just time. How fast you go is up to you. The stairs is a big challenge to take on- it’s hard no matter what you do. How can you find the groove where you just keep on moving? How can you find that pace where you can do the things you want to do the next two days or 5 days and not say no because you can’t can on and off the toilet without assistance.


You may have perhaps already nailed this stadium thing and you know all of this. Or maybe you’re considering not coming back because it’s just to hard. Trust us, you will get better, you will get stronger, you will get smarter at the stairs. They are not as simple as people might think if they have never been.

And with that, knowing that everyone is pushing themselves as hard as they can go, encourage everyone you pass by, or when anyone passes you. Keep right so others can pass you and know everyone is working their tail off. They also woke up this morning, knowing how stupidly hard these things are. And when you’re done, be proud, no matter how far you got or how fast you were going. You kept moving.

Thank you for sharing your morning, your time and your energy with us. We are glad you came.

Here’s to bringing “soles” together

Lauren and Liz


  1. Monday, May 21st 6:29am Parliament Hill we are hosting a Holiday POP UP workout. #backattheoldstompingground

     2. CHEER STATION, your reading it here! Ottawa Race Weekend if your not racing come join the party. Cheer      party that is.  Saturday, May 26 | 5K & 10K we will be posted at Pretoria Bridge from 4pm onwards.  Sunday, May 27 | half & full we will be posted up around the 18K/39K mark along Colonel By. Right around where Concord and Echo meet from 8:30am onwards.

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  1. Love this weekly blog. Love my tribe. Today’s old stomping ground / POP UP workout was wonderful. #gratitude Liz + Lauren.

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