NP TSA Workout by NPSD

After many months of talk and hype (which is usual in my pace for ideas) we finally pulled of the “NP TSA” workout, which pokes fun at how insane life can be as you’re trying to catch a plane. From the long back & forth rows of stanchions that lead you nowhere, to the hold-your-hands-up-like-your-bank-is-being-robbed pose, to the basic people watching that comes from packing many fish in a tiny bowl, air travel can be the best/worst.

Today’s 35 minute ass-beater took our tribe up the “lolly-pop trail” (come on ladies! seriously!? McCloskey is going to have a field day with this one) and through the 16 individually marked 150 foot long rows, before the straight dash up the hill to the TSA station. Once your hands were held up long enough to make you feel stupid and you’ve been captured on film by an Official TSA employee (big thanks to Kev & Angelo for helping out today) you were then free to dash into the burpie zone before getting out onto the road. The miles added up as some of our middle of the pack runners did just over 4 miles total.


1. Bring someone to SPSD. Since moving here in December, I’ve recruited more people than Eugene, Padula, & Luke combined (and I’m here 1 or two days per week). Seriously, bring someone new. Not next week, or “someday,” do it this week, do it for the event (see below), our Wednesday workout downtown, just make it happen. Because at one point there was a friend who took you on your first run, ride, hike, yoga journey, and without that person you’d not have known of those worlds. Use our tribe as a way to open the eyes of someone in your life to fierce & fun… you’ve got 7 days to get this done… GO!

2. Our Recruiting Papers 3.0 event is this Thursday at Barrel Republic. Please join us there at 7:30PM… everything else you need to know is one simple click away.



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