NPSF Almost Better At Cheering For Runners Than They Are At Racing

I am not sure you are all aware, but there are now approximately 218 photos on the social media outlets of Weston half naked, Braden’s “Bridge”, and 40 others of you dancing in tinsel wigs with blow up instruments. While many of you may think I just described a wild night at Bootie SF, it actually all went down at 630 on Sunday morning, when I had a realization that my life is going exactly how I planned it to go.


Once again, you all showed up and put on an incredible show for the exhausted runners at mile 3 of the Rock N Roll half marathon. Okay, maybe they weren’t that exhausted yet, they practically just started the race – but maybe some of them were like “shit, I shouldn’t have had that 8th margarita last night at Bootie SF, I really need to stop partying with Lindsay McLaughlin.”

Sincerely, THANK YOU for supporting the runners so early on a Sunday. We haven’t heard any results yet, but win or lose you guys killed it. Fuck that, we better win.

This morning, The Buck kicked everyone’s ass with a hill sprint/body weight combo gauntlet that left even Sunish quiet. That’s a lie, Sunish not only showed up after the warm up but even made inappropriate jokes to Kadala’s dad. Gotta love our token hipster beard Indian runner! Is that racist? Nah.


Wednesday: Alta Plaza Park, 5:30 and 6:30 AM

Friday: It’s my birthday! Which means, I want to roll out of bed at 6:28 for the workout. Which is what I will do. Parnassus and Cole st. Be there.


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