NP SUMMIT 6 Breakdown.

“Now don’t have me break this thing down for nothing.
Now I want to see y’all on your baddest behavior.

Lend me some sugar, I am your neighor! Ah, here we go!”


Quite possibly one of my favorite bands and I’m about to translate that into one of my favorite times of year.

#NP-Summit-Season. You’ve heard us mention this before, unless today was your first day, or you’re still contemplating #justshowingup for the first time and are tuning in from behind your electronic devices you may have no idea of what we’re talking about.  So let me break this thing down for you:

If you’ve been, you understand the power of this thing called SUMMIT.  If you haven’t, you might not understand why we hype so hard.  Look, we don’t make any profits per head, we don’t get incentives or bonuses but we’ve had our fair share of NP Summit rodeos and know it’s a hoot-hollerin-grand-ol-time.  We’re also completely aware that not everyone can afford it or take time off work or have something else planned that weekend, etc etc so this is mainly for you that are on the fence.  Those that COULD make it work if you really wanted to and for those that tune out when we start talking about this because it doesn’t apply to you… just listen in for a minute.  Because I did the same things.  Until my first one and I’ve never looked back.

49 cities.  Across the world.  You’ll never really be able to comprehend that number. Even if you attend Summit.

Throw the race, the workout and the free fitness out the window for a minute and summit is all about MEETING the people– like you — that make up those 48 cities and show up to this thing because they think we’re idiots, or funny and crazy.                                                                                                                               They value this movement and love finding a bunch of people just like them.  Community, my friends, outside the four walls of your city.


+ First show up Thursday am/pm.  Even though the race is Saturday – trust me – you want to be there for the Friday morning workout in MKE.

+ Travel with friends from your city – hire a private jet – rent and pack a van with some ballers fro your city and head west to MILWAUKEE!  The more peeps the more fun. #physics.

+ Once you’re there do not tether yourself to your city group.  You’ll get to see them on at the airport Sunday.  Reach out to new folks. Meets some new humans from cities you’ve never been.

+ Go to coffee after Friday AM’s workout.  This is where all the plans are made for the rest of the day and where are you in such a rush to/from anyways?!?!

+Sign up for a team or a race for Saturday/Sunday.  Popular races are Marathon relay (team), Marathon (individual), 50k/50m (individual).

+ Saturday PM: Sweat all day, Party (and sweat) all night.

+Sunday AM: Quick rally from the party and head back to the mountain for some more racing or head to the airport for the biggest social hangover of your life….

I can promise you it’ll be a blast and worth every penny.  You’ll meet new people.  You’ll stay connected.  These people will end up at your wedding and this whole world will become a lot smaller and more connected.

For a full rundown and list of details check it out here:

Other Notes:

WEDNESDAY:  Frogust continues – it’s your second to last chance to hop on the bandwagon and finish up hell month.  ALSO — We’ll be tagging ALL VESTS at the stadium with a special tag… in anticipation of a special pop-up workout… See Below.

THURSDAY: Pop-up #NPlunch workout.  12:30pm. Post Office Square.  #ALLVESTAUGEST themed.  YOU MUST WEAR A VEST.






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