Race Weekend (YEG)

It’s Race Weekend! That’s right. The Edmonton Marathon is here and it’s about to take over the streets of our city. That doesn’t include all of the other races happening, Squamish, Ironlungs and the Apple Triathlon among others. For those who have supported anyone by joining in on long runs, or swims, this weekend is for you too! Enjoy watching your training partner accomplish some of their goals. We all know that training is not something that is done on your own. Whether it’s words of encouragement, early morning workouts, Sunday runs, you have played a big part of the training also. For those who will be cheering this weekend, it’s always fun to be part of the celebration. Those yells, signs and smiles make a huge difference in the middle of the race. For all those racing, enjoy every step, stroke and pedal. All the hard work you’ve put in over the past few months is over, and it’s time to celebrate with a victory lap. Whatever happens out there, give it everything you got. There are so many things that aren’t in your control, so focus on what you can control and leave it all out there. And when all else fails, just think of every time Jen says “you can do anything for 5 minutes”… and when that 5 minutes is up, say it again…


For those cheering, we’ll be gathering at 102ave and 111 street. Wear red or white grassroots gear. Bring the noise!

Monday’s workout will be at Victoria Park.


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