NP gives jobs away! FOR FREE! (DCA)

Ever been recruiting someone and they’re not buying it and you get to your last resort and you’re like, “are you single? trust me there’s tons of fit dudes and hot ladies..” and then you sort of question who you are for a second? NEW TACTIC ALERT. Pls rd. Julie’s blog, then start offering strangers this, “oh you’re unemployed? dissatisfied at your current job? let me tell you about this November Project group, they give out jobs. for free.”

FRIDAY: Walter Pierce Park Adjacent  Start mentally preparing yourself for 29 burpees and 29 pushups and 29 hoistees and 29 everything. WILD LOVE.

And now Julie Sarah Buchsbaum…

When I stepped onto the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at 6:30am on September 2, 2015, I had no idea how it would change my life. From the very first bounce, I was immediately hooked on the energy, positivity, and downright happiness that emanated from every soul I encountered. I smiled more than anyone should have a right to smile before sunrise, and I found that those smiles accompanied me through the rest of my day and into the next week.


Though I was originally accompanied by friends, I soon began attending workouts even when they were unable to. At first, I was intimidated at the thought of showing up alone. To be honest, sometimes I still am. But those fears quickly dissipate when the first willing stranger of the day gives me a hips-in hug, or when I fall into stride with someone and a conversation begins to flow. I began to let the possibility of these happy encounters keep me accountable, and I found comfort that I would find a place within the group week after week, as long as I continued to #JustShowUp. And so I did, sometimes with friends in tow and sometimes alone.

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It was during one of these latter occasions that the magnitude of this project’s effect truly struck me. During a particularly partner-friendly workout, I introduced myself to a new friend and we distracted ourselves from the sweet agony of hoisties by getting to know each other. I divulged my status as a recent college graduate with little idea of what I wanted to do and even less experience and she excitedly countered with the name of her former employer and her phone number in case I wanted more information. To make a very long interview process short, I just got a great job at this incredible company I’d previously never heard of. And I have November Project to thank for it.

If not for the amazing atmosphere that I experienced after joining my friends that fateful September day, I would not have had the courage to return alone. If I had not felt welcomed enough to ride solo, I would never have made a new friend. Had I never met her, I would most likely still be unemployed and destined to be on my parents’ health insurance until 26-year-old me was forced, kicking and screaming, off of it. Herein lies what makes this tribe so spectacular: every single person who shows up wants you to succeed. The motivation and encouragement is palpable, and not just on the stairs or on the hills. Everyone wants you to be truly successful and happy in all aspects of your life, fitness or otherwise. That could mean cheering you on at mile 19 of your first marathon, revealing the best happy hour locations, or suggesting a cool company to apply to. November Project isn’t just a support system once, twice, or maybe even three times a week. You can take these people and their motivation with you. So the next time your NP buddy bails at 6:15, #JustShowUp anyway. You never know who you might meet and how they might change your workout and your life.

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