Smörgåsbord Wednesday

Usually we do stairs on Wednesdays.  They were part of the workout today but somehow in the evolution of our tribe we have included Monday and Friday into the stairs as well.  With a recently discovered mountain goat trail, we have been able to include a hill and there is nothing but room up top by the constable to keep on top of our deck of card excercises.  For a half hour-ish workout I think we pack a pretty good one in!  Steven took some amazing pictures as always and you can send this post to your friend/family/crush that you are trying to recruit to give them a visual of what a morning looks like for us.

Everybody Gathers


Someone tells you to work your ass off.


Everyone Works their ass off.imageimageimage

We bug the construction workers By bunging up the stairs.image

Tell our family and friends how awesome they are for gettinout of bed.imageimageimage

Take a picture so the other tribes can be jealous of how amazing Edmonton is.imageimage

Your NP homework is to show up on Friday.  Bonus marks for bringing someone new or someone old that hasn’t been out in a while.  Marks will be tabulated and someone might win a chocolate bar.  That is all.

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